arcee_b33 (arcee_b33) wrote in hyukbum,

The Abduction - KiHyuk

Title: The Abduction
Author: arcee_b33
Pairing: KiHyuk, AlienXHyuk
Genre: NC-17, Smut,
Warning: rape, alien, weirdness
Summary: “Earth Speciment 0531 Lee HyukJae , you are in the Farming Project Ship X625PPT” = I guess that should explain all the weirdness?
Notes: This story is supposed to be a drabble, but a friend of mine read it and asked me to make a whole story out of this. I proof-read it and I think this might be the weirdest and most unrealistic fic I have ever made, but I had a good laugh reading this and I hope you guys too. Please don’t take it seriously!
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