arcee_bee (arcee_bee) wrote in hyukbum,

Lace and Ribbon (pt. 1)

Title: Lace and Ribbons (part 1/2)
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: KiHyuk
Genre: AU, mafia, drama, NC 17
Warning: smut
Notes: I'm back! I'm BACK! It's smut kihyuk time!!! * jumps in joy *
this story was inspired by the Godfather. I imagined Kangin as a powerful ITALIAN mafia don. How Korean could star a mafia movie is above my explanation, but hey, this AU, this is a fanfic and I am free to write whatever I wanted, right? Afterall, I got away with almost everything by now! I hope this setting and plot work nicely! If you like this please say something because your comments keep my brain working!
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