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I will start off with this .gif:

.....because it's my favorite lolol. reversed cliché!OTP roles, what.

I wish I could say I had thousands of pictures to go off of, but alas - I don't. ;-;

We will continue on with something even cuter:

jlkflh I get incoherent with that one there.

I've been postponing watching EHB all over again, but for that? I'm well prepared.

If we want to get physical and think naughty thoughts, this picture has all my love. It's true.
I used it for the info picture because I try and entice. You know what I mean?

MOLESTAH ~ MOLESTAH ~ I, like every other person, have no idea what the hell Kibum is going for. It must be something very inappropriate because Heechul does. not. approve. But what the hell, who cares? Kibum's enjoying it and Eunhyuk's totally unawares. Sometimes that's cute? IDK IDK.

ROFL lkgdfg this picture kills me everytime. Pfft. As if Ryeowook doesn't know what they're attempting behind his back. Kibum's such a player. Eunhyuk reaches over to give Wook a hug and Kibum just so happens to need an armrest for a while. With his fingers touching Eunhyuk's. You've got moves, Kibum. Yes you do.

I swear this kid can't keep his hands to himself. He reminds me of a little kid with a crush sometimes. You just gotta keep going, don't you? You're at a charity event, Kibum. You should listen! But I guess your charitable deed for the day is picking things off of Eunhyuk's back. LOL knowing him, he was probably putting something on his back. Because you just want to touch him. We know that's how it is. Keep on being charitable, babe.

(This one gets an accompanying video!)

Eh, just watch from the beginning to 0:28! OTP!rare!pair is killed after that. I don't speak Korean or know it, so I have no idea what they're going on about but it must be something good. Because Kibum can't keep his hands off of Eunhyuk. AND THE SMILES ugh. <3

(I, uh. I-I have no words for this picture. Just watch all the accompanying videos if you havent.)

I really only say watch the "date" cut, but I don't even know where that begins (oh wait, the last video clearly shows that's where it starts). But it's Kibum and Eunhyuk! Being cute together. They touch and fall all over each other on occasion and that's all you really need, amirite? So yeah. Maybe you should watch the whole thing.

MAKING OF 'U' AT 0:35-

Everyone is on Eunhyuk's case about his rap verse and letting us know that he's expressing his love to someone. Of course Kibum hops into the conversation and demands to know who she is. And then they tease him about it being a man. Uh oh~~~ Right time to jump in, Kibum. ♥

One of my favorite HyukBum moments:

They don't show it clearly, but Eunhyuk has something in his eye and after the performance Kibum begins to walk away but he turns around and notices Eunhyuk warring with his eye and waits for him. Then he proceeds to try and blow whatever it is in Eunhyuk's eye out. Or something like that. WHAAAAAT CUTE. They were also holding hands in the line-up jkasld

This video is a varvarvar close second:

Right around 0:16, Kibum just attacks Eunhyuk from behind and plants a big kiss on his cheek. Which causes a riot. Sometimes Kibum knows just the right way to please us whackos. I appreciate him for that. :) ADDED LULZ BONUS: Keep watching for the loud 'DONGHAE-OPPA~~!!!'

So. This one probably isn't as good as the other ones, but they're sitting beside one another on the bus! Send your mind off to a far far away place where only perverted thoughts are allowed. Are you there yet? Okay, gooood. ALSO, THEY'RE SHARING A IPOD OR SOMETHING. Eeeee!!!

I think we're pretty good for now, right?

We've seen that one, but DUH DUN DUN~



Okay, seriously? They owned at the SMTown concert.

We're really good now.
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