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26 March 2011 @ 12:46 pm
so today, kibum changed his twitter dp and guess what??!!!
he also changed his name to '은혁'!!!

picture above credits to JewelGiirl@twitter

ASDFGHJKJHFSSDFGHJJHG *cries in happiness* 
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11 December 2010 @ 04:18 am
Title : Never Letting Go Of Your Hand
Author hae_hyukkie94 
Pairing : KiHyuk [Kim KiBum x Lee Eunhyuk]
Status : One-shot
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Slight!Angst, Romance, Fluff
Warning : Un-betaed. Bad Writer (me!)
Disclaimer : I own Them! *slap*TT___TT
Summary : They were leaving a happy life, until...

Dedicated to :kira_shinigami 
A.N : Okay, I've changed my mind about making an angst between HaeHyuk cause I can't handle the sadness! TT.TT Sorry! But this is what what my mind produce for youkira_shinigami  dear =D Hope you're okay with it! Don't hate me for changing the fic. I know you already love the idea of the first fic but this is.. emm.. actually I don't know how to describe this! LOL! But please do read this! Thanks! =>
09 November 2010 @ 04:36 pm
Title : I Love You, I do.
Author : hae_hyukkie94 
Pairing : KiHyuk , Broken!HaeHyuk
Status : One-shot
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Angst, Romance.
Warning : Un-betaed. Bad Writer (me!)
Disclaimer : I own Them! *slap*
Summary : Donghae dumped Eunhyuk for a stupid reason.

Dedicated to : kira_shinigami

Here's a little preview of fic.
20 September 2010 @ 12:18 pm
Title: Boom Boom!
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: KiHyuk
Genre: NC-17
Warning: sexy!hyuk, smut
Summary: “Put it in here KiBum, make me see stars”, the line was as cheesy as any other lines in the porn films but coming from HyukJae, it gave a completely different effect.
Notes: I miss KiBum! He should join Super Junior ASAP!!! Don't you think so too? This song always brought dirty images in my mind, whatever I am doing when I hear this song and BOOM! there's hyukkie with his sexy look or half-naked. I think I need help ...

Boom Boom Boom BOOM!
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31 August 2010 @ 06:59 pm
Title: The Abduction
Author: arcee_b33
Pairing: KiHyuk, AlienXHyuk
Genre: NC-17, Smut,
Warning: rape, alien, weirdness
Summary: “Earth Speciment 0531 Lee HyukJae , you are in the Farming Project Ship X625PPT” = I guess that should explain all the weirdness?
Notes: This story is supposed to be a drabble, but a friend of mine read it and asked me to make a whole story out of this. I proof-read it and I think this might be the weirdest and most unrealistic fic I have ever made, but I had a good laugh reading this and I hope you guys too. Please don’t take it seriously!
29 May 2010 @ 04:23 pm
Title: Ice Lemonade
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: KiHyuk
Genre: fluff, lemon
Warning: NC-17
Summary: “Yes!” HyukJae sat up, jabbing a finger at his boyfriend’s chest, “You took advantage of me, catching me off guard and the next thing I know I couldn’t walk for days because of you!”
Notes: I still can’t believe that there’s only 10 (Yes, TEN!!) members in Super Junior’s new album. Okay, I can undestand Kangin went to do his time at the military ... Okay I can understand that HanKyung got a legal trouble with SM. But how about KiBum????? Please please please don’t let KiBum leaves Super Junior!! T.T

BTW, Hyukkie’s new look for the 4th album is super hot!! I was drooling for about 10-15 minutes the first time I saw him, anyone agree with me please raise your hand up!
30 April 2010 @ 11:08 am
Title: Lace and Ribbon (part: 2/2)
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: KiHyuk
Genre: AU, mafia, drama, NC 17
Warning: smut, cross dressing
Notes: Part 2! I hope you guys are still with me!

27 April 2010 @ 08:16 am
Title: Lace and Ribbons (part 1/2)
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: KiHyuk
Genre: AU, mafia, drama, NC 17
Warning: smut
Notes: I'm back! I'm BACK! It's smut kihyuk time!!! * jumps in joy *
this story was inspired by the Godfather. I imagined Kangin as a powerful ITALIAN mafia don. How Korean could star a mafia movie is above my explanation, but hey, this AU, this is a fanfic and I am free to write whatever I wanted, right? Afterall, I got away with almost everything by now! I hope this setting and plot work nicely! If you like this please say something because your comments keep my brain working!
18 August 2008 @ 04:32 pm
I will start off with this .gif:

.....because it's my favorite lolol. reversed cliché!OTP roles, what.

now onto the pictures + some youtube goodiesCollapse )

I think we're pretty good for now, right?

Oh wait, lets get recent:Collapse )

We're really good now.
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16 August 2008 @ 05:58 pm
...Is it BumHyuk or HyukBum? Either it sounds okay (: I wrote this drabble a while ago but I decided that I should share it will all you HyukBum, BumHyuk lovers! :DD Yays! There needs to be more HyukBum in the world. For serious ;__;

Title: The Horror That is Siwon's Eyebrows
Rating: PG-16 (because of the ending ;D)
Pairing/Characters: BumHyuk, Siwon
Summary: Kibum doesn't think Siwon's eyebrows are scary. Eunhyuk begs to differ.

HERE at my journal (: